Music video “Io non mi inchino”

“Io non mi inchino” (“I don’t bow”) is a courageous song against the italian mafia, from the female rock band Le Rivoltelle. Dealing with such a delicate, controversial topic, I decided to represent the mafia through the eyes of the children.
Io non mi inchino

Two bullies “kill” a boy (he represents the numberless journalists, sindacalists and writers killed or threatened by mafia). Then they threaten a group of kids, steal their toys and destroy their little kiosk. Again, a metaphore of the numberless men, women, youth, who saw their shops or small bussiness burned to dust when refusing to pay mafia for their “protection”.
The bullies take the smallest child, the most innocent, and they tie him up like a little Jesus. Then, they get on their knees and pray. It’s a key part of the song. In the south of Italy is common to see the most dangerous mafia killers praying at Church or during the village procession. It shows the hypocricy of people who dedicated their lives to kill, threaten, torture and abuse, and then expect an absolution.
But in the end there is hope for a better future. The children gather together, holding hands, against the bullies. And the bullies disappear, as a bad dream.

I truly believe that innocence can save us from horror and from violence.
There is good in this world, and if we make it grow in the heart of our children, humanity shall know a better tomorrow.

Thanks to the production and to the manager of the band for believing in my script.
Thanks to the outstanding team which made it possible.
My precious assistant director Fausto Romano, DOP Maestro Francesco di Pierro, editor Andrea Bandinelli, art director/stylist Pablo Patane, mua & hair Sabina Pinsone & Martina Camandona, steady operator Simone Lucarelli, and of course all the technicians and assistants.
And a final, big thanks to our amazing protagonists, such incredibly talented boys and girls.

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