India, documentary shooting | Day 1

Dehli, India

I’m here to direct a documentary about acid attacks, focusing on the activity of NGO Make Love Not Scars. We will spend time with many survivors, listening to their stories and witnessing their everyday lives, and will interview highly qualified specialists (lawyers, doctors, human right activists). We just finished the first day of shooting. I’m so grateful to be here, visiting India for the first time, and getting to know extraordinary people involved in human rights. The whole team is passionated and incredibly talented. Together we will accomplish our mission of exploring this dramatic issue in a new light: with hope, courage, and most of all, trusting that a better future is possible. It’s up to us to create it.

Our D.O.P. Greg Harriott shooting beautiful Sapna, acid attack survivor, who performed for us a traditional indian dance.


Alejandro (Greg’s assistant), Greg and me setting the frame for the interviews